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Workshops & Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

Connective Coaching

Unlike traditional counselling, I provide a unique service of connective communication, experiential learning and a variety of experiential (learning by doing) exercises.   In a private setting, we will discuss your own unique journey, learn powerful tools to help stay present and grounded, and develop a plan for moving through life's challenges.

Areas to Explore

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Boundaries

  • Trauma

  • Relationship

  • Decision Making

  • Isolation

My Workshops

Communication 101

Join a small group and discover your own unique way of communicating, and how it impacts your relationships. You'll become more aware of the way you see others and see the world, and learn to recognize and navigate stress reactions.

Exploring Boundaries

Small group setting where we discover the power of setting healthy boundaries and how to uphold them.

Compassionate Parenting

Take a breath and settle into learning about how our own upbringing has impacted our parenting. Identify when your stress rises and how to respond rather than react to frustrations - yours and your child's.

Through The Chaos

Chaos is a place that some of us visit once in a while, and some of us tend to live in. Chaos happens to us, and we also can create it... sometimes in great waves. This workshop demonstrates real working models that you can use every day to move through chaos and stay present and grounded in the process.

Couples Connect

One on one or in a small group setting, we will explore deeper communication, and empathy for ourselves and our partners. Learn new tools that work every day to be connected and communicate, even when things are challenging. Discover your 'triggers' and how we can learn to recognize when we are going into a stress reaction, and how to avoid it. Light at times, deep at times, this is one of my most popular and impactful workshops with many couples coming many times over!

Standard Workshops

Customized Sessions

Whether it's in my home office, at your boardroom or in my 10,000 sq ft indoor arena with horses, I am able to design and facilitate a custom program for corporate, organizations, schools, or teams.  

Topics Include

  • Advanced Communication

  • Leadership

  • Boundaries

  • Teambuilding

  • Stress Patterns

"I attended one of Sonya's equine programs as a teacher for SD60 for a Pro-D day exercise.  The facility was impressive, the horses were calm and our whole group had a wonderful time.  I was surprised at how I was able to connect the experiences with my own teaching style and how kids might learn differently in my classroom.  Well worth my time."  Barb



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