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A bit about me...


Raised in a very remote area in Northern BC, I was gifted being born into a family of larger-than-life emotions, from love to anger to fear and fearlessness.  

With the wilderness as my most constant companion, I found my childhood full of danger, adventure, connection and magic that only a child can find in the still of the mountains.

I am the mother of five children, from ages 9 to 34, and loving friend to some of the most beautiful people on this earth.  

Like most of us, I have and am currently experienced deep loss and grief; part of my healing and coping is to connect, to reveal and deeply experience and move through the painful process.

My passion for overcoming trauma and leading a whole, connected life has led me to thousands of practical hours in sessions with some of the most talented bodyworkers, counselors, psychologists and healers in the country.  

My strength lies in intuitive, connective bodywork, communication training, empathetic listening and presenting life in new ways, turning things over and over until we find the right path through the challenges we face.

I also have a deep passion for working with my herd of hand picked horses; using Equine Assisted Learning to deepen leadership, boundaries, communication, trust and many other deep lessons that horses intuitively understand and teach.  

  • Certificate in Haven Counselling Skills

  • Over 2200 Hours Practical Experience

  • Group & Personal Facilitation 2017-2022

  • Funding Eligible 

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